Training Programme for Young Rural Women

Equipment of five rural training centres in Tunisia

  • Sectors: Vocational training, Livestock development
  • Duration: 01/1995 – 12/1999
  • Volume: 0.4 Mill. Euro
  • Persons/ Months: 9
  • Client: Austrian Development Cooperation, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Vienna
  • Partner: AVA Consultations Agricoles Ltd, Tunis

As an offspring of an integrated livestock project which was introducing dairy farming with smallholders in North Tunisia (PIETA 1985-1995), special attention was paid to the role of women because of their increasing responsibility in all tasks related to animal husbandry. Five out of 20 training centres for rural girls (supported by the Ministry for professional education and the National Union of Tunisian Women) were selected to serve as experimental schools. Formerly these schools only dealt with small livestock and domestic tasks. Now they were equipped with pure breed heifers, breeding and teaching materials. Four of those centres also received equipment for artisan cheese production.

Training was provided by the school-s own staff. It consisted of animal husbandry, feeding, reproduction, and dairy practices. Special veterinary assistance was provided as well. Dairy farming, including all aspects of animal husbandry, has now been added to the training programme, and the results are expected to be put into practice, once the students get back to their families.

Austroprojekt provided heifers and other materials, organised assistance by external experts, and provided funds as well as the follow-up for credits to school leavers.

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