Sustainable Regional Development of a District in the Rif Mountains

Integrated rural development, water supply and sanitation programme in Morocco

  • Sectors:
  • Duration: 07/1994 – 12/2004
  • Volume: 0.9 Mill. Euro
  • Persons/ Months: 15
  • Client: Austrian Development Cooperation, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Vienna
  • Partners: Institut Agronomique et Vétérinaire Hassan II, Rabat,
    NGO Targa-Aide, Rabat

On the basis of intense research on the potentials of the Rif mountain region in view of replacing the cultivation of kif (cannabis indica) by ordinary cash crops, several pilot activities were carried out. Finally, the rural municipality of Bni Idder was chosen as suitable project area for the development activities to be executed together with the population. The idea was to test the experience gained in the Ouneine project in a different socio-economic environment.

As rural women are part of the society that does not gain from illicit crops, one main objective is the improvement of women-s living conditions, mainly by improving the water supply system. Other objectives consist in strengthening the municipality-s infrastructure and improving self-organisation of the population.

Measures are taken to

  • facilitate access to primary health care, e.g. by identifying and training village nurses,
  • improve the supply of drinking water, including maintenance and repair training,
  • promote agricultural activities, e.g. the introduction of fruit trees or fodder production,
  • improve animal husbandry (goats, bee-keeping and poultry),
  • preserve natural resources by reforestation.

All activities are conducted according to participatory principles to benefit the empowerment of local village organisations.
Austroprojekt participated in research and planning prior to the project-s implementation, and ensures appropriate monitoring and procurement.

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