In the framework of our rural development projects, we had to manage and supervise the execution of several larger infrastructure projects, such as

  • The construction of a secondary feeder road between Rutumo and Muhuzu in the commune of Rumonge (Burundi): In this case, we also organised an intensive accompanying socio-economic research.
  • The construction of a water supply system for the commune of Ndusu (Rwanda)
  • The most important activity in this field was the already mentioned rehabilitation programme for the Ngorongoro hospitals. Apart from the promotion of ecologically sound solutions (a biological sewage disposal system and the introduction of solar energy as the main electricity supplier), we also financed an action-research programme in cooperation with an ecological centre in Munich (Bayrisches Zentrum für angewandte Energieforschung) for the development of a solar sterilisation system.
  • Recently, we are undertaking an infrastructure improvement component in the Kelmend project in Northern Albania in collaboration with CAFOD Albania, a local NGO. The works consist in the construction of schools, bridges, irrigation schemes, and the rehabilitation of the hospital.

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